Chris Hiley picture

What does Chris do?

I work with UK health charities to create, evaluate or advance their work with beneficiaries - that's 'service users' or 'people with...' or 'families affected by....'

You probably know who I mean.

I'll tackle

  • anything with a service delivery angle and a communications remit e.g. the what, how and when of information and support
  • all research into 'people with .....' as service users or, if you have concerns about your reach, your non-service users
  • collecting or generating evidence
  • research via literature reviews on medical or social subjects e.g. for service development
  • identifying and organising content for your campaigning or policy remits
  • scoping, exploratory or pilot projects and needs analyses 
  • interim cover for policy and research roles or as short-notice back up  
  • starting off and keeping going with processes for medical research in small charities

I can assist you with projects you have on the go, want to plan or simply discuss out loud with someone else. I am a freelance enthusiast for health in the Third Sector and I look forward to working with you and your charity to find the answers that work best for your beneficiaries and your particular organisation. 

If you are a small or medium sized health charity with ideas, ambitions or questions on your current or future service delivery I'd love to hear from you. I have an intelligent understanding of a range of health issues such as cancer, heart disease, screening or any LTCs. Whatever your health cause, I'm confident I'll be able to acquire a working understanding of it quickly.

Ageing and health are particular passions, but if your cause involves public health, primary or acute care, infant and child health or rare illnesses I’m still the friendly problem solver you should talk to. I'm also interested in gendered health because men and women aren't the same.....

I will happily design a project from the start, advise you on next steps, take on particular tasks within a larger project, or take projects you have already planned and then run them to completion. I am happy to take on projects half way through, if they’ve hit the buffers for some unforeseen reason. Or I could simply write up something someone else has done.

You'll find more detail under the Services tab. 

What does Chris know?

I have the full range and depth of experience-by-doing and management skills that small to medium sized health charities will find useful - and a rather more academic and campaigning specialist interest in health, ageing and co-morbidities that might be of interest to several larger health charities.

How does she know it?

I'm a former health charity staffer, ex-nurse and occasional academic with a range of research, management and writing skills built on experience in health, charity and university roles. My charity headedness is combined with social scientific sensibilities and strong medical understanding meaning I am an expert generalist in health, specially made for the UK charity world.

I aim to deliver projects with flair, friendliness and sense. 

See the Background tab for more detail on me, or pop off to the Services or Costs tabs for all other salient points.

I don't write directly or in detail about any of the charities I have worked with on my Blog. What may seem like considerable grumpiness about health charities is actually a very specific grump. I have rational concerns about the values and harms of charity-led cause-related awareness raising amongst the general public. As a result, I do not do such projects. I will take on projects that involve aspects of awareness raising of personal health issues or charity services amongst people or families already affected or diagnosed. That work is a very different thing.