Cancer charities go wrong

Cancer charities - good with people who have cancer. Confusing and unhelpful for people who don't.

Ladyparts? That's my brain, isn't it...? It is, isn't it? You mean my BRAIN, don't you? Go on, it is, isn't it?...

A couple of months ago I spotted an advert on a District Line tube train. It was for a ‘Love your ladyparts’ leaflet from Macmillan Cancer Support. Symptoms and cancer, for women. Health promotion, on the face of it. I didn’t have time to note the text number to message before I got off but there are some traces of the leaflet on the web.

You can see its front page here.

Has Movember had its Moment in the UK?

Has Movember run out of steam, threatening to seriously unravel as a major funder of prostate cancer research in the UK? Movember was rapidly ascendant but it’s still struggling to achieve some kind of ‘steady state’ income. You’d probably expect some drop off in public support as Movember stopped being quite so novel but it looks as if UK income last Movember may have fallen off a cliff.

What links the following? Encyclopaedias, pinball machines, model ships, a barbershop pole and a deer head.

Movember. That's what.

I can’t really take to Movember. The cause is fine but most aspects of their execution is puzzling or worse. Its whole could be so much better. I’ve always felt there was a content problem – see previous posts. There are several ‘style’ problems too.

Try this one. It's about the American office.

Missing images in cancer: ageing and the old

Cancer is a disease of ageing. This means that the risk of getting it go up as you get older, all the more so after age 50. This remarkable fact goes unremarked – or at least lacks all conspicuous examples - on most cancer charities’ websites.

Airbrush, whitewash or accident? Older women missing from another breast cancer campaign.

The cancer research charity Breast Cancer Campaign has launched a new... ummm.... campaign. You can see it here. The call to action is ‘email your MP’. Then the MP gets information that raises their awareness of secondary breast cancer, the importance of increasing survival and improving service delivery. It boils down to ‘There’s an election next year.

I mind the gap: old people, cancer, health charities and co-morbidities

I remain very interested in what happens to men and women aged over 75, with and at risk of cancer. I remain very interested in the considerable ambivalence of cancer charities towards what happens to men and women aged 75 and over with and at risk of cancer. 

Prostate Cancer: One of the UK's 'biggest man killers'? Really?

Quick! Run after it! The rhetoric's getting away!

I’ve just spotted the following, at the bottom of a job advert in the Guardian, seeking an Information Officer for Prostate Cancer UK.

“We are building Men United, a growing team of men across the UK, to get the message out there about one of the UK’s biggest man killers, to support men affected by it and to raise funds to find more reliable tests and treatments for the future.”

I have just turned down breast screening. Again.

I have just turned down breast screening. Again. Second time of asking; second time of polite refusal. I blogged about the first time I was asked, remarking on several things that struck me as odd and unsatisfactory.  

Oi. Movember. No!

I see the moustaches. I get the jokes, I groan at the puns. I marvel at the money. I spot the global reach. I understand the popularity. I grasp the style. I read all the words. 

What’s at the core though? It does come over very Emperor’s New Clothes if you concentrate and keep saying to yourself ‘Yes, that's all very well but what do they actually mean?’

We should all wonder about the content. It’s ours, after all; we paid millions for it.

Who's got your back if you are over 75 and have cancer?

I have rather lost track of what is going on with cancer and the elderly in the UK. I’ve no idea how the cancer voluntary sector see elderly people and their place on the cancer agenda. How do they approach it in the policy, information and support, campaigning, research and awareness spheres?

So. Get that train of thought back on the rails.