Ditto, in a nutshell

Three posts on where single issue cancer charities are going wrong on awareness and what they could do about it. [They won't.]

3) If the national single issue cancer charities are getting it wrong, what could they do to put it right?

As awareness raising for cancer is not working it needs reviewing. Single issue cancer charities should accept there is a bigger picture and put aside turf considerations. The sector needs an objective – to improve the general awareness of cancer, not leave it to individual charities to battle and win for their bit of turf, so one or two cancers are everywhere and others are nowhere. This does not help the public.

1) Raising awareness of cancer isn’t working

Each year there are around 140 health awareness days, weeks or months across the UK. Usually, there are none in August and December so, on average, there are about fourteen per month. Quite a few are for cancer and most are driven by the nationally active voluntary sector. Some you notice, some you don’t.