Moustaches, money and a movement

Movember 2015 The results are in. Well, my version.....

I keep an eye on Movember. For an important cause that has brought in a lot of money, its health knowledge is marginal. It's incredibly badly articulated and it is imperiously run by its businessmen founders.  

Has Movember had its Moment in the UK?

Has Movember run out of steam, threatening to seriously unravel as a major funder of prostate cancer research in the UK? Movember was rapidly ascendant but it’s still struggling to achieve some kind of ‘steady state’ income. You’d probably expect some drop off in public support as Movember stopped being quite so novel but it looks as if UK income last Movember may have fallen off a cliff.

What links the following? Encyclopaedias, pinball machines, model ships, a barbershop pole and a deer head.

Movember. That's what.

I can’t really take to Movember. The cause is fine but most aspects of their execution is puzzling or worse. Its whole could be so much better. I’ve always felt there was a content problem – see previous posts. There are several ‘style’ problems too.

Try this one. It's about the American office.

Global Action on Men’s Health launched. I'm missing the link to Movember

I get a bit grumpy about Movember. Good enough on prostate cancer, more or less, but the rest?...hmmm....

It’s a great fundraising mechanism invented by business men, run by fundraisers and with the crass lack of self consciousness we'd all want our adolescent lads grow out off as quickly as possible. It has no idea it’s not that bright about men’s health. It’s also a tinsy winsy bit smug about ‘changing the face of men’s health’, its neat but vacuous strap line.

MoQuestions about Movember

Here’s a funny Movember thing, from the BBC website. Funny as in odd; not funny ha ha. No author and none of it seems to have gone through any critical filter.   

Movember: 13 Suggestions for Improving It. [insert ref. to 'unlucky' here].

I reckon Movember might need (but possibly not quite appreciate) some constructive advice on how I'd fix it. Here it is. 

Another MoMent with Movember

The following paragraph is lifted verbatim from here, the bit entitled "This is Generation Mo." 

NEWS: Woman points out she hasn't got all the answers on men's health. Movember 'surprised'

Here’s more from me about Movember and women. Using text copied from this page for the women of Movember termed MoSistas - what follows are some occasionally serious observations on semantics. The italicised text is mine.

I'm not hinting at misogyny this time - not in every comment - but I do wonder about their blithe assumption that women have an innate facility for dealing with health issues. Women's or men's. Nope. We don't. 

“Get involved MoSistas

A woman wonders aloud about Movember.

I’m more MoMotha or MoGran than MoSista these days but I’m legit. as a target for Movember fundraising asks – so I do have a stake in what Movember are up to and I pay attention. Now I’ve stopped taking any notice of its own estimation of its good effects, other reservations have also begun to emerge.

Their tone.

Oi. Movember. No!

I see the moustaches. I get the jokes, I groan at the puns. I marvel at the money. I spot the global reach. I understand the popularity. I grasp the style. I read all the words. 

What’s at the core though? It does come over very Emperor’s New Clothes if you concentrate and keep saying to yourself ‘Yes, that's all very well but what do they actually mean?’

We should all wonder about the content. It’s ours, after all; we paid millions for it.