Prostate cancer

Comment on its public profile, the absence of older men in it, and the egregious PSA test.

Missing images in cancer: ageing and the old

Cancer is a disease of ageing. This means that the risk of getting it go up as you get older, all the more so after age 50. This remarkable fact goes unremarked – or at least lacks all conspicuous examples - on most cancer charities’ websites.

Prostate Cancer: One of the UK's 'biggest man killers'? Really?

Quick! Run after it! The rhetoric's getting away!

I’ve just spotted the following, at the bottom of a job advert in the Guardian, seeking an Information Officer for Prostate Cancer UK.

“We are building Men United, a growing team of men across the UK, to get the message out there about one of the UK’s biggest man killers, to support men affected by it and to raise funds to find more reliable tests and treatments for the future.”

Has 'risk' ever been part of popular discourse on breast cancer screening?

I’m pretty interested in screening in general and cancer screening in particular.

Good grief, what have we done?

We? I mean women, mostly; and people who work in cancer charities. That, in a nutshell, is my response to Lea Pool’s documentary Pink Ribbons Inc. shown in London as part of the recent Human Rights Watch Film Festival. 

What fresh nonsense is this? Smoke, mirrors and Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

I found the following on The Prostate Cancer Charity website, about a party marking the current Awareness Month. I’ve lifted it as posted, and added my own comments.

It is the usual muddle of half baked wishful thinking which manages to imply certainty and health advice, without actually containing any of either. You'll learn about their celebrity supporters and the fundraising, but any actual facts about prostate cancer come courtesy of me! 

Women's Hour: Going for the full set. I may as well annoy the prostate cancer lobby as well

… this follows on from the previous post and should be read with an exasperated and another thing tone to your internal voice. To re-cap – the breast cancer lobby was advanced by Radio Four’s Women’s Hour as a great model for other health lobbies to copy….in particular, the prostate cancer one.

No to Abiraterone?

NICE has said no to Abiraterone. Don't rail at NICE. At least, not only at them. They follow rules and those rules restrict NICE's remit.

Months and months of health for men. Blue September v Movember face off.

Blue September wins. At last! Some sense in cancer awareness.