Public/user involvement

Presenting the user 'case study' to the rest of us isn't inevitably good for us.

Who missed out 'appropriate communication expertise' when contracting out a patient-facing referral system?

I have a duff shoulder which needs an ultrasound. This will identify the likely diagnosis and help my GP decide where to stab the steroid injection for best effect.

Are health charities ethical? How do we tell?

To avoid huff, puff and ruffled feathers, I don’t mean that health charities are unethical; I’m simply asking how we know health charities are ethical. I’ve been wondering since seeing the Pancreatic Cancer Action advert in February. I was struck by the range of ethical ‘I wonder if’s?’ and 'did they do's?' I could list after seeing it.

Next time just send the flaming out-patient appointment.

Here’s a mad thing.

I am an Ealing resident. I needed a simple out-patient appointment at Charing Cross Hospital. I was sent one. I had to make one change, by moving the appointment to a new time the next day. I did so.

Where is the 'User Advocacy' on the Breast Screening Review panel?

Here’s a brief thing. Brief? Ha! We’ll see. I’m back to thinking about the current Breast Screening Review. I wondered when it would be completed, so I went to the page about it on CR-UK’s website. It still said Spring/Summer 2012, as it always has. That’s fine. I sent them an email to ask if there was a more up-to-date estimate.

Then I noticed some info. has been updated. 

Breast screening, overdiagnosis and some denial

There was another publication on the unintended consequences of mammography last week, so off I went to look at it. Ha! Bless those Scandewegians. Who knew they’d  turn out to be so much trouble on breast screening? Norwegians this time. It’s been Danes. They host the Nordic Cochrane Group in Copenhagen who stirred things up in the past, questioning just what on earth breast screening is doing to women.…..

Throwing down the gauntlet: Cancer charities and inadequate cancer information for men and women aged 75 and over

I was at an interesting but somewhat passionless National Cancer Equalities Initiative (NCEI) event on 12 March, on oncology decision making in older age. It wasn’t a particularly revelatory set of results – the researchers showed ageist clinical decision making, by oncologists and haematologists.

Who'd have thought it?

Women's Hour: Going for the full set. I may as well annoy the prostate cancer lobby as well

… this follows on from the previous post and should be read with an exasperated and another thing tone to your internal voice. To re-cap – the breast cancer lobby was advanced by Radio Four’s Women’s Hour as a great model for other health lobbies to copy….in particular, the prostate cancer one.

Breast screening review? I predict a riot.

Today (26 Oct. 2011) is not the day to be working for a breast cancer charity. Staff will be drafting Press Releases and copy for the websites, the phones will be ringing off the hook, some callers will be distressed, others angry, the press will be pressing and at the back of the staff’s mind will be the uncertainty.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (may exclude any actual health advice and all older women)

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (BCAM) Deep sigh. This is the annual high point of my cancer awareness scepticism, stimulated by breast cancer charities and their crappy business model that muddles awareness for health, with their brand recognition and market share. See legions of my previous posts….