SCAM - Sceptics' Cancer Awareness Month

I made up this event in 2011, as I am sceptical of the effectiveness of cancer awareness months. My aim would have been to advance health promotion ahead of brand promotion, the concentration on which is a primary cause of cancer UNawareness.

A SCAM agenda: cancer and women

After chatting to various people about SCAM (Sceptics’ Cancer Awareness Month) I'm starting to think it may be rather a complex idea. This may be because it is, or it could be because I make it sound complicated, by gabbling away about it with too much arm waving and an excess of sentences beginning with ‘….and another thing….’.

Questions you may have about Sceptics’ Cancer Awareness Month April 2011

I doubt it’s intuitively obvious what SCAM is about, so I’ve written some FAQ’s on it. The ‘F’ is a rhetorical claim to greatness; the ‘AQ’s' are what I imagine someone might like to know. No one has actually asked me any of these questions. But I know several people have searched for more information on Sceptics’ Cancer Awareness Month so here are some answers just in case you start asking the questions.

Sceptics’ Cancer Awareness Month April 2011 - more details

If it comes off, this will be the first Sceptics’ Cancer Awareness Month. SCAM is a chance to look at the underside of our current dot-to-dot cancer rhetoric. I hope it promotes objective debate, discussion and dissent.

Sceptics’ Cancer Awareness Month. Starts April 1st 2011

I made this up. But responses have been positive so I'm running with it.... along with a supply of cliches too, it seems....