Woeful polling

Pointless or merely unilluminating polling on cancer awareness, usually with 'stupid public' at the core.

British public still resolutely stupid re: cancer. Kids join parents in the dark

CR-UK will be pleased. Someone else’s woeful polling has caught my eye. Macmillan Cancer Support are now at it. On September 7 Macmillan announced that the British public are more ignorant than the even most exasperated cancer charities had previously supposed. British kids are ignorant too!

Another in the series 'Cancer charities and their woeful polling.'

This should be subtitled 'a case study in how to generate health news in a lazy media, whilst not actually putting a great deal of effort in yourself, either.' 

Cancer Research UK have been at it again, with another piffling survey of the UK public and their seemingly impenetrable ‘ignorance’. Do stop!

Good luck Bowel Cancer UK, with "Care to Share".

Aha! Another mildly daft poll, about the daft British public, women in this case, and their erroneous beliefs on cancer risk, in women. This one is a bread and butter error, arising from the cumulative effect of all dopey, disconnected cancer awareness everywhere. Once more, gender specific cancers are thought of as being a greater problem for a gender (in this case women) than non-gender specific cancers are.

Pollin’ pollin’ pollin’ ...... Keep them pollsters pollin’ 2

And here's more - on the CR-UK poll on fear and cancer mentioned in the similarly title post just below, numbered 1.

This time CR-UK's Poll missed out the options for us British to be frightened of terrorism, car accidents, murder and plane crashes - alternatives used previously in these ‘Top of the Shocks’ polls. Instead, they stuck a possibly random selection of cancers into the mix - breast, bowel, lung, prostate, malignant melanoma, cervical, ovarian, pancreatic, oesophageal, leukaemia, brain, and testicular.

Pollin’ pollin’ pollin’ ....Keep them pollsters pollin’ 1

CR-UK has released some non-riot news into August – some polling yet again, on  the unfortunate British and their ‘fear of cancer’. I’ve been here twice before, just like CR-UK, in a couple of posts from 2010.  

A really quite stupid Cancer Research UK/NAEDI survey

Here we go again. I recently wrote a blog entry that included a reference to a dotty Cancer Research UK survey from 2007 that I’d found on their website. I should never have mentioned it as I’ve clearly reminded them about it.

More on older men and women, cancer and the Cancer Reform Strategy. This time - cancer awareness

The baseline report on the Cancer Awareness Measure was published by the Department of Health in November last year and gives the results from two national surveys using the CR-UK Cancer Awareness Measure (CAM). The CAM was developed as part of the National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative (NAEDI) to implement the Cancer Reform Strategy.