Women's health

Not just breasts! There is more to women than that.

….Talking ‘bout my generation.... THEY won’t talk about ageing….

There are three things to keep in the back of your mind when reading this. They are a) over one third of new cancer diagnoses are in men and women who are aged 75 years and older b) over half of all cancer related deaths are in men and women who are aged 75 years and older and c) recent scandals involving death or neglect in the NHS have been almost exclusively concerned with failings in the care of older people.

Confused about cancer and body weight? You will be.

Considering the number of cancer awareness days, weeks and months, and the ubiquity of human interest cancer case studies in the popular press, you’d think the public would be filled up to here with comprehensive knowledge about cancer. Not so.

Is the high profile of breast cancer really a good thing for women?

As I do doubt that the high profile of breast cancer is an unquestionably good thing for women I should get my retaliation in first, with a clear statement of my attitude to breast cancer. It is right that breast cancer is a high profile health issue and women need to be well informed about it. I am certain that women should be assisted to assess their risks of getting it and, if they can, act to reduce them. They also need to understand the risks and benefits of screening and to be breast aware.