Movember 2015 The results are in. Well, my version.....

I keep an eye on Movember. For an important cause that has brought in a lot of money, its health knowledge is marginal. It's incredibly badly articulated and it is imperiously run by its businessmen founders.  

If it was sustainable, it could be so much better and would iron out all its weird issues. Like the tight control through the tiny Board of Directors in Australia, who are over confident strategists on behalf of all men's health and for the Whole Movember World.......then there's their witless conflation of PR spin with evidence, that is evidence as commonly understood by health professionals. Oh, and not forgetting the total lack of any expertise in men's health. 

But Movember clearly isn't sustainable. Here's how I know. [Apart from the drops in income every year since the 2012 hair zenith]

On 2 December 2014 I looked at their Leaderboard and noted how Movember 2014 had done.

Come 2 December 2015 and I did the same thing. I can now compare like with like. If the figures are contested, it's Movember's data I'm using, not mine. 

A caveat.

Last year, the participants total hardly changed between now and the end of the financial year. This indicates the number of recorded participants is stable from the end of Movember. I'll show you those figures shortly.

Income is different. The income recorded did change by April and the end of the 2014-15 financial year. The final total figure had gone up by 17% since the end of November, to £52m. This will be because more money trickled in late and some change will be as the result of fluctuating exchange rates. I'll show you those figures next.

Participants first.

The crude recorded number of participants speaks clearly to yet more drop off in Movember support this year.



165,854 dropped to 156,535. Not bad. Only a 6% loss.


94,769 dropped to 69,406. A 27% loss. Ouch. That’s quite a lot.


115,149 dropped to 73, 812. A 36% loss. That’s even worse.


137,576 dropped to 63,458. UK has the worst drop off in support, down by a massive 54%.

The global total of participants has dropped, from 716, 259 in 2014 to 509,042 in 2015. This is a 29% drop. A third, basically.

The variation is interesting. What are they doing in the US and not anywhere else that has kept the interest up or, rather, isn’t losing it as fast? Why is the UK particularly disengaging from the cause and what might this mean for the funded partners and the men they serve here?

And, of course, what of the men who took part? Is it Movember that’s the yawn, and by extension, men's health? In what way has Movember truly changed the face of men’s health anywhere? Is there any danger in Movember being the men's health brand and thus damaging the whole men's health cause through this obvious and major leaking away of support?   

If the same campaign is run in each country with the same messages and the same marketing, and men are dropping out at such varied rates it must be evidence of something. I suggest that localism – always lacking from the Movember monolith – may be what's missing. 

The entire trend of DOWN, whatever the rate, is concerning. The face of men’s health hasn’t reached its teens and it’s not looking well. What is the legacy and succession planning for gathering up Movember’s learning and evidence, recycling it into the field? All those evaluations, all those scientific papers?

They’ve raised over £420m globally. What outputs/outcomes have MoBros bought and can they be shown it please? We need to collate the evidence which MoMoney was invested in. It’s their money after all, given in good faith….

Finally, briefly, the data on income. Add about 20% to estimate the end of financial year total. Movember will take months afterwards to extrude the right figures.  Natural, I suppose, when business isn’t quite as booming as 2012.

I’m making the 2 December 2014 v 2 December 2015 comparison.

USA             £9,682,165 dropped to £8,285,336. 14% drop.

Canada         £11,179,318 dropped to £7,232,343. 35% drop.

UK                £7,246,288 dropped to £4,124,639. 43% drop.

Australia       £ 9,658,945 dropped to £7,164,399. 26% drop.

The global total was £30,711,833, Still massive, I agree, but there's still a drop. This time last year it was £43,336,344 (but was £52m by the end of the financial year..). That’s 28% less in 2015.

I await final figures in due course. I'm drumming my fingers.  …..