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Patient involvement in health advocacy is overrated and dangerous. Light blue touch paper. Retire. Again.

Now I’ve tried to open a debate  - with myself, I realise, but an occasional blogger can dream - I’m setting off into boggy ground. Whilst being positive about the expertise of experts in my immediately previous post, I do know doctors and scientists can get it wrong. We still need to work on avoiding the automatic deferential respect of their expert position.

Patient involvement in health advocacy is overrated and dangerous. Light blue touch paper. Retire.

Overrated? Dangerous?  Sometimes, yes. Advocacy by people and patients with a personal connection to a health issue is not an unequivocal good. The public interest is not always well served by involving patients/sufferers in health lobbying.

Months and months of health for men. Blue September v Movember face off.

Blue September wins. At last! Some sense in cancer awareness.

Hat tip to Catherine Foot and the King’s Fund

As usual, I was listening to the Today programme, on Radio Four this morning and Catherine was on. Catherine Foot works at the King's Fund. James Naughtie was interviewing her and for the first time I can recall, there was a major cancer story that actually mentions older people with cancer.

Contaminated holy water from Mecca – other faiths are available, none are immune

This is an ‘equal opps’ blog entry. There’s a report on the BBC website about Zam Zam holy water from Mecca, contaminated with arensic and being sold in the UK.

Completely nuts?

I recently received this invitation to take part in some research. The bone fides are sound, though goodness knows what the research question really is – or what significance will be ascribed to the potential findings.

Bottle Openers Against Prostate Cancer!

This month is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. It used to be a Week but anything breast cancer charities do, prostate cancer charities blithely copy. No-one except me and one or two others seem to consider breast cancer charities might ever be wrong on awareness. So now we've got a prostate cancer Month

Early diagnosis of Alzheimer's: 85% accurate?

Here’s an interesting thing. I’m trying to find the origins of a story that was all over the news earlier this week. You may have caught it? The one about using MRI scans and some new computer software to improve diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

The 'don't really care' of elderly people in the NHS

Yesterday's report from the Health Service Ombudsman about the inhuman care of elderly people in the NHS  generated  predictable handringing about the standard of nurse education in the UK. As in 'should be more of it'. Contrast that with a contrary view, also expressed, that nurses are now too well educated and think they are above contact with patients as that's too grubby, too menial.