How I can help

I could do....

  • desk research
  • projects that evaluate the evidence for strategy, service delivery or campaigning
  • ‘options’ papers 
  • short term policy or research cover
  • SWOT, PEST or STEEPLED analyses (like PEST, but with 'Environment' and 'Legislative' added to the scan of the external environment) 
  • user involvement/engagement projects based on prospective or current service users
  • literature reviews and critiques to make them useful
  • short term supplements to your usual capacity, to assist in e.g. drafting grant or research proposals
  • key statistics for information and media messaging
  • friendly advice and support on issues in service delivery, for small health charities led by volunteers 

... or for health charities who are interested in medical research

  • I can explore with you what having 'medical research' as an objective might mean for you and present options on how to do this on small or very small incomes.
  • I can help you create a research grants awarding process, including Committee structures, processes and policies that meet Association of Medical Research Charities standards on peer review.

….or if you want

  • to keep a project on track where a member of staff has moved on and there’s too long a gap ‘til the new appointee arrives or a deadline expires. I can keep it ticking over.
  • 'one off' advisory discussions - because even though employing professional staff is a long way off arriving at professional solutions shouldn't be.  

I have a good line in Devil's Advocacy; this is not Satanism 2.0 but the provision of an objective and 'outsider' point of view. This can be a bit of a challenge, but it is important to test insiders' views of their own cause. Having them queried by someone who is not 'in the know' and may not share your basic assumptions [or pretends not to] can be illuminating. 

These are just examples - I am happy to discuss any ‘services’ tasks you have.

I always aim to work with imagination, creativity and flexibility.

My basic ‘offer’ consists of a conversation - I listen, we discuss, we reach some joint decisions, then off I go - thinking, finding out and planning. Then we jointly agree a plan of action - or if it's a task rather than a project we don't faff about, I just get on with it.

I finish by organising and presenting the solutions, outputs or options.

The outcome is increased organisational knowledge and experience and thus, I hope, I’m helping health charities get better.

Then there's also  

Hiley’s Secret Agency

  • Do you have a campaigns, operations or service delivery project that needs to be rescued, one that has lost focus, shape or personnel but the expectation of some kind of result looms, alarmingly? Can I knock it back into shape for you? Total discretion assured. It happens, but no one needs to know it has happened to you.
  • Does your health charity need evidence to support campaigns on behalf of your patient group? Have you wondered about using the Freedom of Information Act, but wonder about the vagaries of the process? You might need me as a 'secret agent'. Besides, I might know where the data is without the bother of FoI requests.

Other types of help...

  • Are you are in danger of running aground on an unexpected deadline? Do you need some additional research conducted really quickly? Having trouble finding a vital statistic but don't know if this is because it doesn't exist 'off the shelf' or because you aren't looking in the right places? My medical understanding and familiarity with data sources and the NHS means I can deliver fast turnaround tasks within hours if humanly possible and I am free…. There’s a standard one size PDQ rate for a 24 hour turnaround here….
  • Identifying priorities and a strategic approach to meeting them. Being a great small and medium sized health charities means having a robust approach to the perils of over-ambition and chronic under-capacity.  
  • Refining a research question in 'services' and the method to answer it – whether qualitative or quantitative in approach.
  • Some qualitative research conducted – e.g. interviews and their analysis.
  • Doing a health project stuck on the back burner because there’s not enough permanent staff to conduct it but it is still important to do it.
  • Need someone to make sense of some data and write up into a finished project in timely manner – to meet a funder’s deadline, perhaps?
  • Identifying the core health evidence and argument for a Trusts or Major Donor fundraising proposal.
  • You need your web content on health to be checked and edited, or some new content drafted.